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was established in 1991 as an electromechanical engineering company, with the objective of providing services to the industry (projects and installations).

At the beginning we worked exclusively in Uruguay, and since 1994 we expanded our activities to other countries. We have been working for customers in the United States, Chile, Argentina, Germany, China, Australia, Mexico, Belgium and South Africa.  


At the moment the company has 80 full-time employees: engineers (mechanical and electrical) with experience in designing and managing projects, administrative personnel, supervisors, erectors, welders, electricians and mechanics trained and well experienced in the execution of the described jobs.
Normally, to this permanent team, other part-time personnel is added when the work load requires it. 


Our workshop and main offices are located in Trinidad (180 km north of Montevideo, Uruguay's capital city).
We also have a technical and commercial office in Montevideo.

Some of the equipment our company has is:

vineta.jpg Taller con 3000 m2 de galpones.
vineta.jpg 4 grúas (60 ton Terex, 35 ton Terex, 30Ton Link Belt y 28 ton P&H)
vineta.jpg 10 autoelevadores desde 7 a 2,5 ton., convencionales y telescópicos.
vineta.jpg Retroexcavadoras CAT 320 D (sobre orugas) y CAT 416E (combinada)
vineta.jpg Plataformas de tijera y telescópicas para Trabajo en altura.
vineta.jpg 10 vehículos (camiones, camionetas, vans).
vineta.jpg Cilindradora de chapas, plegadora (160 ton, 4m) y cizalla (12mm, 4m).
vineta.jpg Equipos de soldeo TIG, MIG and SMAW.
vineta.jpg Equipos de corte de metales plasma y oxicorte (hasta 4” de espesor).
vineta.jpg Herramientas manuales y equipos de seguridad para trabajos de montaje fuera de nuestro taller.

Taller y oficinas centrales:
Dir: Ruta 14, Km 139 - Trinidad, Flores - Uruguay - CP: 85.000
Tel: (+598) 4364 6070* - Email:  
Oficina en Montevideo:  
Dir: Cont. Echevarriarza 3535 - Torre C - Ap. 1109 - Montevideo - Uruguay - CP: 11.300
Tel: (+598) 2624 5978


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